Vision, Mission and Core Values


Our vision is to create a supportive, rigorous and equitable environment in which we can prepare all children for the future, by educating the whole child.


At PS196, we pride ourselves on being a collaborative school, comprised of a culturally diverse community.  We believe in a safe, supportive and equitable learning environment, all necessary to educate children academically, socially and emotionally.  Students are guided to achieve excellence through a rigorous curriculum.  We work every day to improve the quality of teaching and learning, while encouraging an understanding, and respect of our differences.  We cultivate an environment which nurtures children and maximizes opportunities for individual growth.  We encourage mutual involvement, responsibility, and accountability within the school, home and community. We pride ourselves on the level of engagement among our parents and guardians.

Statement of Core Values

The work we do every day at PS196Q is driven by the following set of core values.  We…

RESPECT one another and ourselves.

REJECT any form of racism, prejudice or discrimination.

BELIEVE racial equity is essential to excellence in education.

ENGAGE in courageous and compassionate conversations and actions.

COLLABORATE to foster acceptance and strengthen human relationships.

CELEBRATE diversity as we learn with and from others.

EMBRACE a humanistic approach to all interactions.