Instructional Focus

PS 196 CEP Goal—Equity

We will continue to cultivate an equitable and inclusive learning environment in which all students feel safe, respected, valued, and welcomed. We encourage mutual involvement, responsibility, and accountability within the school, home and community.

The work we do every day at PS196Q is driven by the following set of core values. We… RESPECT one another and ourselves. REJECT any form of racism, prejudice or discrimination. BELIEVE racial equity is essential to excellence in education. ENGAGE in courageous and compassionate conversations and actions. COLLABORATE to foster acceptance and strengthen human relationships. CELEBRATE diversity as we learn with and from others. EMBRACE a humanistic approach to all interactions.

PS 196 Instructional Focus

Our Instructional Focus, based on observations, is to design coherent instruction (Danielson 1e).  In order to meet our goal, teachers will:

  • Design unit and lesson plans that are fully aligned with the Next Generation Standards
  • Create lessons that require high-level student thinking and align to instructional outcomes and learning objectives
  • Make the content and assignments relevant to the students; when planning, they will consider: How is this relevant to the students and to the current unit of study? (applying CRSE best practices)
  • Invite student input in designing or initiating changes to assignments or activities
  • Provide students with choice in task completion
  • Use flexible grouping
  • Create suitable lesson pacing, with time for closure and student self- and peer-reflection
  • Continuously monitor student progress and the impact on their learning

PS 196 Instructional Absolutes

 graphic organizer of instructional absolutes                          

 PS 196—Focus/Priority Statement

Strategically enhance teacher capacity for student gap assessment and actionable remediation, aligned with Next Generation Standards and integrally linked to a culturally responsive environment. This will ensure positive, equitable outcomes for all students, including students of varying abilities and English language learners. 

 graphic organizer of supportive evironment 

PS 196—Instructional Priority Area—Strengthen Core Instruction

The Instructional Leadership Framework is a system-wide approach that ensures that every school has the strategy and tools to continuously improve instruction, and provide our students with the rigorous learning experiences they all deserve.  Our priority this year will be to Strengthen Core Instruction, by fully integrating the Next Generation Standards, while emphasizing text complexity and the incorporation of CRSE best practices.