Social Emotional Learning

Having a safe and supportive environment for all students is our number one priority.  Without that, no learning can take place.  We integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) into our daily lessons, along with a dedicated time for SEL activities every morning.

Brain Power Wellness—Brain Power Wellness’s vision is to elevate human consciousness to create a harmonious, just, joyful and sustainable future for humanity and the earth. The program includes: mindfulness, brain breaks, physical exercise, emotional regulation, character development, and more.

Sanford Harmony—Imagine a classroom where students are empowered to connectcommunicate, collaborate, embrace diversity, and resolve conflict. This is Sanford Harmony—a social-emotional program that builds strong classroom relationships and supportive learning communities.  The goal of Sanford Harmony is to integrate the evidenced-based strategies of Meet Up and Buddy Up and grade level lessons and activities into classroom schedules — and promote the development of today’s students into respectful, compassionate, and caring adults for the future.

Social-Emotional Learning Competencies—As part of the NYC DOE's directive to identify students with SEL needs, we work with students on developing the following SEL competencies: 1) Self-Awareness, 2) Self-Management, 3) Social Awareness, 4) Relationship Skills, 5) Goal-Directed Behavior, 6) Personal Responsibility, 7) Decision Making and 8) Optimistic Thinking.

 a colorful graphic of the SEL competencies